June 24, 2010

The Gobbi Mobile

I have just finished making this Gobbi Mobile for a friend of mine who gave birth to a little girl. I have made the mobile a few times out of various materials with varying levels of success. I am really pleased with this effort and wanted to share. I have been thinking of making Montessori Infant Materials for sale and I'm wondering whether anyone out there would be interested in buying this sort of thing? This mobile is made from pine (natural, unvarnished, unstained), satin ribbon, polystyrene balls, organic cotton for the hanging thread and is glued with a non-toxic glue. I have no idea what I would charge for something like this - it took about 7 hours to make (the wrapping of the balls takes forever!)
I am now making and selling these mobiles (and other Montessori 0-3 equipment) at my new blog http://www.montessorihomes.blogspot.com/
check it out!


  1. I would have bought one if I had known this earlier! My youngest is ten months now. Your mobile is beautiful!


  2. I recently bought one in those very colors and happily paid $35 for it : )

  3. How lovely! A perfect gift for a child. I'm sure there are many people who would like to purchase one.

  4. They retail on etsy for $50 US

  5. Yes, I'll buy one! I waited until the last minute for a baby gift, which I have been buying like crazy this year, and can't find one!

    I would love to feature this pic on the print version of our infant album (we have a new one that is just coming out for birth to 18 months). In our earlier print work, we ended up doing product placements for big companies (to get good pics with some cash to keep us going). But I'd like to show off some parent's work!

    If you decide to sell these, I'd be glad to link to your store, put an email, etc.

    These balls are impossible to wrap...having a very bad time trying to wrap a set one right now. Not working at all...

  6. Hello,
    How would you take me for making a mobile Gobbi yellow or red (your choice)? I live in France and I just tried to make one but I have a lot of difficulties ... What size hole did you drilled in your balls and what length of ribbon for each color?
    Thank you for keeping me informed!
    Charlotte (charlottejouenne@gmail.com)

  7. how do you connect the string to the ball? I'm going to dye the polystyrene balls instead. But I havn't figured out how I can connect invisible strings to them.

  8. Hi Smurfett

    I didn't have to connect any string to the balls because I hang them with the ribbon that is wrapped around the balls. Not sure about dyeing the balls? - let me know how that goes...
    I have wrapped them in embroidery thread as well in the past, but found that not only does it take MUCH longer to wrap the balls, they do not catch the light as nicely as the ribbon does.
    If you had a really long needle you could probably sew the invisible thread through the ball - my advice would be to heat the needle before pushing it through the ball as it stops the polystyrene from disintegrating under pressure. Good luck!

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  10. The Mobile is beautiful.Good one for a montessoriKeep the good work going.Thank You.