May 16, 2009

Montessori Conference - Part 1

I promised some information about my time at the annual Montessori Australia Council Conference in Brisbane, a few weeks ago. It will probably come in dribs and drabs - sorry for making you all wait! I have actually just applied for a job teaching a Lower Elementary Class (6 to 9 year olds) and I got it! This is great because my little boy can join the school community too - in the 3 to 6 class. So I will be spending my days slaving over the laminator!

One of the sessions inspired me to Really Think About the relationship of the 5 Great Lessons to all the possible areas of study for the child. I came up with this graphic... which shows how each of the Great Lessons leads the child to different areas of study, and the outer circle shows how each of these areas can be studied from a different view point depending on the activity that the child chooses to do.
More next time - on Paul Epstein's take on Observation of the Child - and his framework for observations which is based on Ethnography. Deep stuff, but very interesting and progressive.


  1. Congratulations on the job!! :)

    Is that the school that is a bit of a drive for you? I'm sure the combo of working there & having your son there will be wonderful :)

    I'm really interested in this graphic & look forward to having a little more time later in the week to really study it.

    Hope you're well & happy. Amber

  2. Thank you for sharing.So interesting.

  3. The only problem I have with your blog is the back ground color it is hard for me to read anything you post that is not in white, such as your great graphic. Is it possible to make it lighter with out having to redo everything? Linda Krouse

  4. Hi Linda
    Sadly no, the background colour is part of the template and it would mean changing everything! Since I don't blog here anymore - and I am struggling to even post anything regular on my other blog, I can't really justify the time to change it all. Perhaps if you right-click on the image you can save it and view it against a white background from your hard drive?