March 7, 2009

Tell me who you are!

My computer skills are limited to web-surfing, emailing, typing word documents, and occasionally drawing up household budgets on MS Excel (which are subsequently saved in the archives of documents never to be seen again!).

Being relatively new to blogging, I have not been able to work out who is downloading my files.

Whilst I am not claiming copyright to these Montessori Philosophy documents that I write (the ideas are not mine, I merely put them in into practical terms, which benefits me as much as the families I write them for..), I would love to know if you have downloaded any of the documents, and what you are using them for, or how they have impacted on your life with your child/ren. Please take the time to send me a comment or email. I would love to hear from you.

And if you do use them outside your family, or share them with others, please give them the link to my blog, so that at least my little contribution to the Montessori community can be acknowledged in some small way!




  1. Hi Meg :)
    My name is Amber & I am a Montessori mama of 2 sweet boys. I thought I'd tried to download some of your box files without any luck (I'm on a mac without MS word so I can never open .doc files) but have just discovered that these are pdf's! yippee! I am looking forward to reading them now :)

  2. Hi Meg!
    I'm Rafal. I've just found your blog and downloaded these pdfs. They are great!! Together with my wife we are writing a blog about our journey in Montessori education and approach in Polish (we are Polish living now in Ireland). We are not montessori teachers (we would like to be) but parents to our son Jan (13 months old). We have been reading and learning and trying to incorporate Montessori for over 2 years. It's not easy and every day we find new challenges and think that we need to change many things in ourselves in order to be able to better understand the child and show respect to him.
    We've read lots of books by Maria Montessori and others but you write about the Montessori philosophy in an amazing way - it's so easy to read and wonder on it and to remember all the books by Montessori - to think about the most important topics one more time. THANK YOU! One year ago we found an easy to read Montessori guide in the Michael Olaf's catalog: The Joyful Child. We have spoken to Susan Stephenson - the author of The Joyful Child and translated the information text into Polish to help ourselves and other Polish families to know the Montessori approach better. This is our blog Could we tranlate your PDFs into Polish and publish that on our blog please? With your names as the author of the text and link to your blog of course? What do you think?
    Thank you once more.
    Kindest regards
    Rafal with Joanna and Jan

  3. Hi Amber and Rafal
    Thanks for letting me know who you are - it has been driving me nuts trying to find out who people are! I always try to post in PDF format, as that seems to be the only universal format out there. I use the Cute-PDF-writer which you can download for free off the net.
    Rafal, you are welcome to translate my articles into Polish, and please do link to my blog.
    Kind regards to you all

  4. Hi Meg, Thanks for your permission. I will link to your blog of course. I'll start the translation soon. It's going to be a great adventure! THANK YOU!

  5. Hi Meg =)

    My name is Kirra, am a qulified early childhood educator and Montessori student teacher from Melbourne.
    I would read and use your blog as extra references for my teaching and Monterssori study. I will also message to let you know whenever I download your files in the future.

    Thank you once again for all your information!

    Best regards,

  6. Hi Meg,

    I am an early childhood teacher in NZ. I have recently started working in a MOntessori nursery (0-2) and love the pictures that you have on flickr of the your infant/toddler area - WOW! Have been reading your post and would love to download and read any of the PDF that you have mentioned. My e mail is If you could e mail any of these or show me where to download I would highly appreciate...really enjoying learning more about the Montessori way.

    Hannah Thorne