March 7, 2009

The stages of obedience

Montessori has a unique approach to discipline, and views obedience as a developmental skill that the child attains through natural processes and environmental support. The most frequent question I get as a parent educator, is how to implement the Montessori approach to discipline and obedience in the home. Anyone who has visited a Montessori classroom and witnessed first-hand how amazing this approach can be for helping children to become normalised will empathise with the desire to recreate this utopia in the home environment. This article, on my other blog, shares the Montessori perspective on discipline, the role of the parent in helping the child to develop self-discipline, and quotes from various sources which back up Maria Montessori's ideas.
A word of warning though! Changing a lifetime of habits can be challenging at best, and very discouraging at worst...I recommend implementing these changes with a friend, or partner, who will encourage you, be honest about your failings, and celebrate your success. Parenting is the most important job anyone can ever have.


  1. Meg, I just found your blog and love it! I've downloaded all of your files to read for personal use. I have two kids 5 and 3.
    thank you! Gigi

  2. Hi can I ask why the links have all been removed in these posts thanks