January 7, 2009

The Four Planes of Development

The Four Planes of Development were used by Maria Montessori to describe the path of development that every child follows, from birth to adulthood. She recognised that each period of development came with its own set of characteristics and needs. She also recognised that one could only experience complete development and fulfilment of potential if the needs of each period were fully met, before moving on to the next phase.
Please visit my other blog for the link to an article fully describing these planes.


  1. Wow! These are great resources! Thank you so much! I'm taking my Montessori Certification tests in the Spring, and these articles will definitely help me out!

  2. No worries. I am happy that they are useful - the parents in my Montessori community are enjoying them, and find that the background knowledge really enriches their family experience of Montessori

  3. The link for the 4 planes has been removed can you please reactivate it ? Do you have the Map/Drawing/Sketch by Montessori ? Thanks