January 7, 2009

The Absorbent Mind

Between birth and age six every child demonstrates an amazing capacity to learn and absorb everything they encounter in their environment. Maria Montessori coined the term "Absorbent Mind" to describe the way in which children in this period learn. She pointed out that this type of learning is completely different from the way that adults learn. Adults learn as a result of a conscious effort, but little children have the unique ability to absorb everything around them, and make it a part of themselves. This learning requires very little effort and the child who learns in this way is constructing himself. The learning that takes places before age three, is mostly unconcsious, whereas the learning between age three and six moves towards a more conscious state as time passes. This link, to my other blog, should take you to a more detailed article about the Absorbent Mind.


  1. Hi! I look fwd to reading more :)
    I'm an Australian mama interested in MOntessori too!

  2. I'll be posting again soon - I'm in the process of writing some more handouts...they take some time to get them ready for public consumption! And I like to mull over them for a while before I post them.